Delicious Repast

-Gourmet salami 170gr -Box of gourmet smoked salmon 56gr -Box of dry fruit and nut mix 45gr -Pack of toffee covered roasted almonds 47gr -Box of gourmet wheat crackers 250gr -Gourmet garlic cheese 114gr -Box of Walkers Pure Butter Cookies 45gr -Gourmet bar of dark chocolate 100gr -Box of gourmet salted crackers 57gr -Toblerone dark chocolate 100gr -Box of gourmet chocolate wafers 30gr -Box of rolled wafers 300gr -Box of chocolate chips cookies 56gr -Chocolate covered pretzels 45gr -Box of gourmet breadsticks 60gr -Pack of gourmet cookies 60gr -Gourmet bar of almond chocolate 100gr -Lindt chocolate truffles in a box 30gr -Box of gourmet european style cookies 56gr -Box of gourmet milk chocolate 100gr -Box of gourmet apple cinnamon cookies 113gr -Pack of gourmet ground coffee 100gr -Box of gourmet vanilla cookies 65gr -Gift wrapped in a box.

St. Thomas flowers  -  Delicious Repast Flower Bouquet/Arrangement
Product Code: 10740
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